Building Bridges

A Career Exploration Series for Teens

Brought to you by the Hoboken Community

Why would someone get paid to break into buildings? Or play with make up all day? Or spend their days surrounded by OREOs? 


Join us to learn about all kinds of different jobs, and what it's like to do them, from your friends and neighbors in Hoboken.

What does a genomic data scientist do? What's it like to have permission to spend millions of dollars? Or to be on TV? Or to help people who are in trouble with the law?

Sign up to find out!

Over 100 speakers, who are passionate about their jobs, have come together to share their experiences and knowledge with you.

I get paid to

make movies!


I love the filmmaking process and everything that goes into it.

Joanna Lagstein,

Senior Creative Producer

Spring Petford.jpg

I want kids to know there is a career path for those who are loud, outspoken and fun. They don't have to wear suits and sit at a desk all day. Not all 'grown-up' jobs are boring.

I am a problem solver.
A creative thinker.
A relationship builder.

I help companies advertise on ads outdoors.

I work at Rutgers University and focus on national security.


I teach students who are considering careers in intelligence or national security and help them develop the skills they will need to work at places like the FBI and CIA.

There are so many job opportunities for diverse, talented students who are thinking about careers in this field.

I make clothes for plays, movies, TV, and theatre.

Working with designers, directors, and actors, we tell specific stories through clothing. I love seeing the things I helped make come to life onstage or on the screen. Design is all about choice, and I love making those choices a reality.

Did I mention I work on Hamilton?!

Meet the Speakers

Upcoming Talks

  • Apr 18, 2:00 PM
    Monroe Plaza, 770 Jackson St. Hoboken
    How do you get paid to watch sports and have fun? Ask Matt Sawicki and Lisa Villarreal. Matt plans some of the biggest golf tournaments you can watch on TV. And yes, he knows Tiger Woods! Lisa's role is to make work fun and to help others as a Human Resources Director at a sports betting company.
  • Apr 18, 4:00 PM
    Zoom Call
    Writing, producing, and directing commercials, TV shows, and movies this terrific trio of speakers does it all! Learn what happens behind the scenes in this industry and the various jobs available to those who want to flex their creative muscles and bring ideas to life!
  • Apr 19, 5:00 PM
    Zoom Call
    DNA Specialist Susan Horan helps solve crimes by assisting prosecutors and detectives with cases that involve DNA. Defense Attorney Casey Breslow defends people charged with crimes and Medical Examiner Terra Cederroth examines bodies to understand why people died suddenly or unexpectedly.
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