I write computer programs to look for patterns in DNA (the cookbook of cells) that can help us to understand diseases like cancer.

I use the same tools that power google to power cancer research.

Do you know that things I learned in middle school are still helpful at my job now?!

Matt Sawicki.jpg

I work in sports, planning some of the biggest events in the world that you can go see or watch

on TV.

My job allows me to watch sports, and yes, I know Tiger Woods!

I enjoy speaking about finding something you love to do and doing it no matter the obstacles.

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I research, write and deliver news on NBC New York.

Every day I get the chance to document history.  From the devastating power of Superstorm Sandy to the tragedy of Newton to this life-changing pandemic.


I never know which story I'll be covering on any given day and that makes it fun.

What I love covering most: people creating change in their community.

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I work with a medical team at a hospital to care for the tiniest humans - babies that are born prematurely.

I help doctors and nurses to ensure the babies receive the safest and most effective medications for health problems they have from being born so early.

I also teach pharmacy education to students who attend pharmacy school.

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Caroline Simon

Commercial Real Estate Attorney

I'm a lawyer who helps people develop land into homes, offices, hotels and more in Texas.

But I also feel like I get paid to solve puzzles.


Think about it, if you're building 100 homes for a community, you have to figure out where each of the homes will go, how big they can be without crowding each other, how will the homes get water and electricity, how can local wildlife and plants be protected during construction, and so much more.


I work to help protect computers, technology, and people for a very large organization that is trying to make the world a better place.

Every day I try to stop hackers. Sometimes I even get to pretend to be the hacker and make sure our defenses are working as we need them to.


I've even been paid to break into buildings!


I am a forensic accountant which means I help people who have been accused of doing something wrong, or help companies who believe someone has stolen from them.

I ask a lot of questions and follow the money trail. I then write a report for the court, and sometimes get to tell the judge and jury about what I learned.

Being an accountant doesn't have to be boring!


I direct content and commercials for TV, Internet, and films.

My career has been an evolution of various things. From being a dj to an architect and then working in production. I have always been driven by my passion for the arts.

Now I get paid to have fun and to create and tell interesting stories that are engaging and, in some cases, educational.


I feel strongly that as a veterinarian, my primary role is to be an advocate for the animal. To act in the animal's best interest while still supporting my clients.

Plus, I get to play with puppies and kittens and help them feel better! How cool is that?!

More speaker bios coming soon.

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